Many People do not even know that gift sets existed. They were produced to sell an entire gestault set together as one item. needless to say there were less gestaults gift sets produced than regular figures.

Every single gestault had a gift set produced to my knowledge except Monstructor.
Italy, Japan, Canada and the United States were the main gift set producers.
The gift sets released in the United States were Devastator, Superion, Menasor, Defensor, and Piranacon

I believe italy and japan both produced Bruticus and Abdominus sets. And predaking was produced exclusively in Japan i believe.japan and U.s. were the only ones tomake piranacon. computron, defensor and menasor were released in either and or canada and italy. I think spain may have had some too but not sure.

The only way to tell the difference between a gift set and a regular set is by its paper items, like the box, tech specs, and instruction booklet that came with it.
the tech specs were different than the regular ones, they were all the same size and included a spec from the main figure(piranacon, defensor, etc.). the devastator set included a spec for devastator but the other specs were printed on the instruction booklet.

American sets were the only ones with english only on the specs and instructions(possibly english sets but not sure if they existed).
Many people confuse the gift set booklets with the little paper bookelts included with individual carded small figures.

Here are examples of the 4 american gift set booklets i need.

The piranacon gift set (booklet pictured below) did not include the sixth member nautilater, the lobster guy that was soldindividually on a card

Below you can see defensor's box also but the booklet is at the bottom

And below you can see some boxed gift sets for all the sets. Piranacon, computron, menasor, devastator and superion are all american, and computron is sealed!!! thanks to aanders1 for this pic from his collection.

Here are some examples of the Booklets That I DONT WANT.these are the regular littlewhite papery things.
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