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Hello, before buying anything from me, you should know some of my policies.


I would like payment to be in the form of a money order, or if its only three or four bucks cash
but i will accept checks, (especially for higher priced items.) please allow a week for checks to clear. cash and mo will get out next day(as long as its in the USA, and weighs less than an ounce, otherwise i need to go to the post office.)
If you do send cash make sure it is covered by cardbpard or thick paper so none can see it through the envelope.


Make sure that when you send payment you include a good description of what you are buying, the price, a legible return address, and an email address.


Shipping costs one dollar and fifty cents as long as the package does not weigh over an ounce. (this pays for the bubble envelopes and 44 cents shipping and gas to go to the bank, and post office.)

If the package weighs 2 ounces or over, i will use a larger bubble envelope or box, and will change the shipping price accordingly.

You can buy insurance if you want(which will cost whatever the post office charges(75 cents for coverage up to 50 dollars) i may charge a little extra if i need to make a trip to the post office.

I do not take responsibility for items not insured, if they get lost in the mail, or damaged in the mail, and i have packaged them correctly.

trades will work differently, and we'll figure it out. Normally I like both to pay an equal amount for shipping in trades.
I ask that people send me theyre stuff for trade first, so i can inspect it. nothing personal its just that ive been ripped off before.


Feel free to give me an email anytime during your order, to find out how yourt order is coming(payment recieved, package sent, etc)


I do not mind selling overseas, but please remember the chances of an item getting lost are much much greater than usa orders. I can not insure bubble envelopes over seas, unless it is an order of $75 or more and then i need to send it in a box. i do not know why the post office will not insure bubble envelopes.but they don't. Also remeber that it may take me a while to get teh package sent, becasue i need to go to the post office.


I can send one and 2 ounce packages the next day in a bubble envelope without going to the post office because i already have the correct postage at home. If your package is in a box, weighs more than 2 ounces, or is going over seas i must go to the post office. If i need to go to teh post office it could take me one or two weeks becasue i dont get there a lot. so fair warning. usually i wait until i have a couple ormore packages that need to go to the post office before i make a trip, so if business si slow your pakcage may take alittel while longer to get there. Just give me an email and ill keep you up to date on your order.


If you are the first one to give me an email and hold something i will NOT sell it to someone else. the only way i would deal it would be if someone else offerd me a trade(trades have priority over sales), and even then it would have to be a good trade, because im not the kind of person who will sell a held item to another person for a few bucks extra.


I have a list of references availableon the mainpage. if we complete a deal i will add your name to my list. if you dont want it just let me know, and it's gone.

thanks for the time